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The world’s best brands. Thousands of independent retailers. You can say we’re in pretty good company.

Ever since the handshake deal that started Locally, we’ve relied on the power of strong relationships. Today, our coalition includes global titans, tiny boutiques, and upstart brands—who all know the power of retail done right. 

We help this global brand forge their customers' path to purchase.

Store Locator

Locally helps Patagonia guide online shoppers to the best possible offline purchasing experience using local inventory search and store biasing.

Local Product Search

Patagonia gives the shopper the choice as to where and how they want to make today's purchase - deeply understanding that many successful transactions are required to create lifelong loyalty.

Locally helps this international cycling brand support its dealers while delighting local shoppers.

Company Stores

Locally collects inventory from Trek's company stores, presents it throughout the entire Trek ecosystem, and allows shoppers to transact with their nearby store for pickup or delivery.

Trek and Locally worked with the bike industry's main point-of-sale provider to build a two-way solution that makes it seamless for retailers to service online shoppers.

Locally collects inventory information from Trek's global warehouse network and provides a "Ship-to-Store" solution for shoppers who want specific bikes that aren't available nearby.

Locally helps this independent shoe brand balance online and offline sales channels.

New Balance Stores

Locally provides shoppers on with
product and inventory visibility as well as custom, local landing pages.

All New Balance stores are able to present their in-stock inventory (in real-time) to online shoppers using multiple Locally-powered engagement tools.

This Swedish manufacturer relies on Locally to connect online shoppers to successful purchases and installations.

Gearboxes, roof racks, and baby joggers are bulky, high-touch items that are best supported by Thule's network of independent dealers. Locally ensures that Thule refers shoppers to the RIGHT local store.

Learn why Sonos tapped Locally to optimize the handoff to nearby stores.

Sonos needed a set of tools that segments stores by the products that they stock. Not only is that a native part of the Locally ecosystem, but so is multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-region support.

Where smart shoppers, world-class brands,  and beloved retailers find each other

We make the handoff between online and in-person shopping a joy. Welcome to the beautiful, blended future of retail. 

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