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The future of retail isn’t either/or.
It’s both/and.

We harness what’s great about shopping. 

Here, informed browsing meets instant gratification. Here, neighborhood merchants become e-tailers. And here, brands connect with communities. 

Welcome to best-of-both worlds shopping. 

Blended retail is here to stay.

Savvy consumers are using whatever tools they have at their disposal. Retailers need to take their lead. 

By 2024, click-and-collect sales will reach more than $140 billion as tens of millions of Americans discover the benefits of blended retail. 

(Data from Think with Google,

Good news: shopping has changed.

We’ve all come to love doing our window shopping online, where we can research and compare with ease. 

But nothing beats stores for in-person fulfillment, where we can touch products, ask questions, and check for fit. 

At Locally, we combine what works best into one compelling experience. 


Great brand experiences still happen in stores. 

Stand out from the pack by showing up in a real way. 

A Network of Goodwill

The rise of digital retail hasn’t replaced our affection for supporting local businesses.

Where Carts Become Sales

While consumers fall in love with products online, conversions can take a human touch. 

And Customers Become Fans

Real relationships, real memories, and lasting loyalty are formed in real places. 

SINCE 2013

Digital shoppingmade more human.

Customers love discovering new brands and products online. But waiting for shipping can ruin the fun. 

Our real-time inventory tracking shows customers where they can find what they want at a store near them. 

"Locally allows us to connect our customers to the bike of their dreams, in their own backyard. We are on a mission to change the world, by getting more people on bikes. If we can do that faster by showing somebody the bike they want is down the street, at their locally owned bike shop rather than our warehouse, that’s better for them, it’s better for the bike shop, and it’s better for Trek."

Eric Bjorling, Director of Brand at TREK Bicycle

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Where smart shoppers, world-class brands,  and beloved retailers find each other

We make the handoff between online and in-person shopping a joy. Welcome to the beautiful, blended future of retail.