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Brilliant tech makes for more fulfilling shopping. 

We’re obsessed with finding ways to make retail clearer, more direct, and more memorable. And retailers are catching on. 



A company's store locator is one of the most popular pages on their site. It's an opportunity to maintain a customer relationship from online to offline. Learn how we prevent poor handoffs.

Most online shoppers will end up in a local store. Showing them exactly where the item they are researching is available keeps them in a brand experience.


Store Locator

Lead Shoppers to Purchases, Not Street Addresses

Data Management

We use a multi-tenant data model to ensure that updates are propagated globally.

Shopping Centric

We refer shoppers to in-stock merchandise rather than street addresses.


We can connect all of our tools to your preferred data source via API. Or, send that data to other platforms.


We don't only show stores' inventory along with their listing, we let shoppers complete the transaction.


Here are a few of the other things we've built to support local shopping.



Locally integrates local merchant inventory directly into Google's See-What's-In-Store shopping platform. Local retailers are able to show stock on the Surfaces Across Google platform.

Need a Shopify site but don't want to hire content staff to run it? Locally can send your product mix directly to Shopify via our parter, Sync Locally.

Same Day Delivery


Compete with "always-on" online merchants who subsidize speedy delivery - often at a loss by offering an alternative where products are delivered directly from a local merchant.

Many products are best shipped to a local merchant for final delivery. If your product requires fitting, installation, commercial freight delivery, etc... let's turn your dealer network into a logistics solution.

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"Locally allows us to connect our customers to the bike of their dreams, in their own backyard. We are on a mission to change the world, by getting more people on bikes. If we can do that faster by showing somebody the bike they want is down the street, at their locally owned bike shop rather than our warehouse, that’s better for them, it’s better for the bike shop, and it’s better for Trek."

Eric Bjorling, Director of Brand at TREK Bicycle

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We make the handoff between online and in-person shopping a joy. Welcome to the beautiful, blended future of retail. 

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